Worlds Hardest Games

Worlds Hardest Game

Test your skills in this amazing game that will be sure to challenge your reflexes and patience to the limit as you attempt to go through different mazes. You must do this while dodging the enemies and moving obstacles that will try to prevent you from reaching your goal. If you touch them, you will go back to the beginning. Give your best shot to complete thirty levels of one of the most difficult games that you can find on the net.

Worlds Hardest Game 2

Again returns the hardest game in the world to make you agonize and test your patience. Here’s your chance to prove that you have the fastest reflexes and the most agility with your fingertips as you try to pass through each of these mazes with obstacles and objectives that try to stop you. You are the red square and must try to collect all of the coins and pass to the other side while avoiding the enemies which are moving blue circles.

Worlds Hardest Game Pro

Dare to play this new version of the hardest game in the world, which brings different options for you to play. Try to improve your score in thrilling fashion. There is a menu which displays the different levels that you must unlock by passing the previous challenge. Try to improve your score each time by passing the levels with fewer tries. Finally you can submit your score by clicking on the submit button on the screen with the displayed levels.

Worlds Hardest Game 3

This is The World’s Hardest Game 3, a game so hard that you'll be screaming out of desperation from the first level. You must be very fast to make it through all the obstacles that you come across. The blue dots are dangerous, so do not touch them whilst collecting the yellow dots and navigating through all the green areas. The trick to win the game is to learn the rhythm of the movement of the obstacles in The World Hardest Game 3.

Worlds Hardest Game 4

Here comes a new version of this game that will keep you glued to the screen because you have to concentrate hard in order to pass each level filled with obstacles that you must avoid from the starting point until you reach the end, which will send you to the next level. We are talking about the most difficult game in the world which presents a new challenge as you try to pass each stage. So come and see if you can finish the entire game.

Worlds Hardest Game 5

Experience the frenzy and excitement of one of the most difficult games in the world which offers you the chance to reach the end of various challenging levels. Perhaps many of you will try, but few will get through all levels. Here you can prove that you are the one who can maneuver this little blue square from the starting line to the destination marked by a bright zone while avoiding the obstacles in the least amount of attempts.

Worlds Hardest Game 6

Here is yet another version of the Worlds Hardest Game. This time it offers twenty nail biting levels that will push you to your limits. The objective of this game is to navigate the green ball through a maze with the arrow keys until you reach the yellow target. The challenge is to do this without hitting any of the red balls along the way. See how many levels you can pass and if you can make it to the end.

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