Worlds Hardest Game

Get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of Worlds Hardest Game by finishing all of these challenging levels. They are very difficult, but not impossible to defeat. To succeed, you only have to focus hard on what you are doing and have a positive mentality. This game has a very high level of difficulty and you may get stuck on the same level for a while. It may be a good idea to rest a few minutes if you feel that the game is making you lose your mind. The power is in your hands, your fingers and your will to win, because only a few have made it to the final level where a surprise awaits you for all your effort and dedication.

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The objective of the Worlds Hardest Game is to maneuver a small square with the arrow keys through different mazes. It may sound and look simple, but this game is very complicated because there are several obstacles that you must avoid. What’s more is that the obstacles are moving. The color of the square that you must move to the target is red. You will see it located inside a green area, which is a safe zone. This means that no moving objects will enter that area. However, when you leave you should take great care of the blue circles, which will try to stop your success. In each level of the Worlds Hardest Game they move differently and you must adjust each time. You have to try to avoid these circles, but you should not worry about the edges as even these will help protect you from certain dangers. When you have successfully gotten past all of the blue circles, you must go to the green area on the other side of each room. Once arriving to the other green area, you will have passed that level. In some levels of the Worlds Hardest Game, however, just passing the blue circles may not be enough because you may have to fulfill certain orders. For example, there are levels in which you must first collect a package before you can reach the other side. This will be represented by a yellow circle that can be located anywhere on the screen. You cannot pass these levels without picking up this yellow circle. As you advance through the game, the higher levels will have multiple packages to pick up. In other levels you must go through different checkpoints that are marked with the same shade of green as the safe zone where you begin from. These buffer zones, however, are not always free of danger so you must go more carefully through these. As a tip, you can rely on the fact that most levels consist of patterns of movement. The enemies move at a certain pace, and you can figure out how to avoid them by determining their rhythm or pattern. This will surely add to your success and help you reach a level that is high on the leader board when you finish the game. Do not forget to share this game with your friends and challenge them to the Worlds Hardest Game.

Do not miss the chance to play this amazing game that only consists of a few simple graphics, but in its simplicity lies a frustrating aspect because you have to concentrate hard and practice every level to maneuver the red square smoothly through the maze. Practice makes perfect and to get through all these levels, you will have to practice a lot. Luckily there are several tutorials roaming the internet to help you avoid problems if you are one of those who need help winning the Worlds Hardest Game. But one thing is certain: the difficulty of the Worlds Hardest Game may require that you search for help. Do not worry about the difficult explanations or those in another language because you can also find many helpful video tutorials that will show you hints for each challenge. Remember that each level can also be passed in different ways and several people have found different ways to pass each level. The fewer times you fail, the more chance you’ll have of reaching reach the top spot one the leader board. Remember not to rush, because you will be sure to carelessly make contact with the blue circles. Take your time and play the Worlds Hardest Game with precision. Remember the fable of the hare and the tortoise and practice a lot of different options for each level so you can show off to your friends and people around the world.